Mexico and Kenya are Fighting Over Lupita Nyong'o


Lupita Nyong’o is so awesome that entire countries are fighting over the right to claim her and her Oscar win on Sunday — Mexico and Kenya, specifically.

The Spanish-speaking beauty of Kenyan descent was born and partially raised in Mexico City, while her father was evading a not-so-friendly government atmosphere back in Kenya. Once things settled down, the Nyong’o family returned to the African country where she lived until attending college in the United States at Hampshire College and then the Yale School of Drama.

So Nyong’o’s origin is kind of mutually shared between the two countries, right? Even though, to be fair, Kenya already can lay claim to United States President Barack Obama so maybe they’re just being greedy at this point.

But the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award tried to put the beef to rest via El Mañana last night, writes The Wire.

“I’m Mexican and Kenyan at the same time,” she said, according to El Mañana. “I’ve seen the quarrels over my nationality, but I’m Kenyan and Mexican at the same time. So again, I am Mexican-Kenyan and I am fascinated by carne asada tacos.”

Good Mexican food can solve anything.

But I’m sure that someone somewhere will keep trying to claim Lupita as their own and the INTERNATIONAL FEUD will continue. Because, you know, who wants to talk about real global beef like Venezuela or the Ukraine anyway, amirate?

Image via Getty.

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