Remember how tequila shots are never a good idea? Now, thanks to Hacienda La Capilla, they're an expensive bad idea.

According to Digital Spy, the bottle of hell-booze will cost more than a cool $4 million. But your liver cirrhosis doesn't come without fancy bells and whistles-

The 1.3 ceramic bottle from Hacienda La Capilla features a 2.3kg layer of platinum and is encrusted with over 4,000 diamonds equalling 328 carats

Oh, well if there are diamonds involved, then obviously it's worth it.

Heavens. Waking up after after spending an evening drinking tequila is bad enough without realizing you sold a kidney to procure it. I think my brain threw up just thinking about looking at my bank statement after a tango with this expensive booze.


Distiller makes £2.2m bottle of tequila [Digital Spy]

Image via Shutterstock