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Meth Lab Found in Home Of Elementary School Teacher

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A third-grade teacher from North Carolina was arrested after a meth lab was found inside of her home. Police discovered meth-making equipment during a search warrant at the residence of Lori Riley Whitley and her husband, Gary. The couple will face a combined total of a dozen charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance and child abuse. They have an 8-year-old son who has since been placed in custody of the Department of Social Services.


Lori Whitley has worked as a third-grade teacher at Wendell Elementary School since 2002. According to NY Daily News, she has been suspended with pay. Bernard Brodie, a neighbor of the couple, said he didn’t know there was a meth lab being operated next door, but did notice a strong chemical odor coming from the house. She is a “good lady,” Brodie also said of Whitley.

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Hey I’ll be the first to testify that teachers make crap wages, but for fucks sake sell shit on etsy to make extra cash. Don’t create a meth lab that endangers your child’s health and well being.