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Merry Christmas from…Joanna Gaines' Tree of Bones?

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Screenshot: Instagram (@joannegaines

Bone tree?

In a new essay for Magnolia Journal, per People’s website, Joanna Gaines talks about her family’s Christmas traditions like baking cinnamon rolls, burning festive candles, and, uhhh, I think hanging teeth from her tree?


The write-up by People—which just so happens to also be owned by Magnolia parent company Meredith—is kind of vague:

Gaines then explains that her tree is adorned with ornaments that commemorate special times in her family members’ lives, including those that pay tribute to her 13-year-old son Drake’s first Christmas or her eight-year-old daughter Emmie’s first lost tooth.


So, is that just like a tooth-shaped clay bob on a thread? A literal tooth on a hook? A seven-foot string of Gaines family teeth strung up like popcorn? A ceramic angel bearing a teeny, tiny placard that says “GOOD FOR EMMIE, RE: TOOTH”?

I have no idea, and I won’t have any idea for the time being. Magnolia Journal, the Fixer Upper star’s lifestyle magazine, doesn’t publish its content online, and the new issue doesn’t appear to have hit store shelves in New York just yet, if all the booksellers I called up are to be believed. I reached out to Magnolia’s PR team for clarification, as well as the rep who handles the publication for Meredith, and I’ll update you all when I hear back.

Till then……bone tree?

Contributor, Jezebel

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Popped out for some groceries today thinking nothing of it, then when i was done paying and leaving the store, there is was. A Christmas tree already up and decorated.

Can we not skip ahead on holidays, can we enjoy the one coming up without having to “get there first” perhaps i am just a grinch?