Mermaid Bracket, Round 6: Y'all Are Not As Demonic As We Thought You Were

Illustration by Angelica Alzona/GMG
Illustration by Angelica Alzona/GMG

Aaaand we’re back!

Okay readers, let us continue on this journey of finding thee best creature slash being slash freak of nature to take over beauty.

Let’s get to the results of yesterday’s poll! In the Creature Division Succubus (5) beat Kelpie (9) by an extremely slim margin and Sphinx (6) crushed the Harpy (2). When it comes to Fairies (1) vs. Elves (4) in the Fairy Tale Division, you would all rather have sparkly wings than make cookies, which, fair. And man-eating Sirens (6) understandably won against Nymphs (2).


In the Monster Division, the Baba Yaga (1) was the CLEAR winner against the Babadook (5). So, bye bitch!!! And Dragon (11) won against Demon (1), which means y’all are not nearly as demonic as we thought you were. For the Miscellaneous category, Cyborg (1) beat Robot (4) and La Llorona (6) juuust inched past Goddess (7).

Alright, now we’re getting closer to a real winner. Now it’s time to vote again!

In the Creature Division, we have the Succubus (5) vs. Sphinx (6).


In the Fairy Tale Division we have the cutesy little Fairy (1) vs. the terrifying Siren (6).


In the Monster Divison we have our girl Baba Yaga (1) up against the the Dragon (11).


And the Miscellaneous Division puts the Cyborg (1) vs. La Llorona (6).


You have all weekend to vote! See you back here Monday.

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