A lack of reliable DNA evidence was one of the main reasons Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito won their appeal, and now it's been revealed that video played during the trial shows Italian CSI investigators were in a rather jovial mood while examining the scene. While in Meredith Kercher's blood-spattered bedroom, one investigator says, "I could really do with some cocaine to give me a kick." The other replies, "Don't you mean crack?" and they both laugh. In other parts of the video they seem confused about what equipment to use, and say they forgot a chemical needed to reveal blood invisible to the naked eye.

Luciano Garofalo, a former commander of Italy's leading forensic investigation unit defended the investigators, saying,

You have to remember that these scenes of crime probes last hours and hours โ€” we are not robots, we are humans.The work of the scientific unit has been criminalized over the last few weeks, they were just having a laugh and letting off steam. I would like to put anyone in that situation and see how they cope, see if they don't make a joke.