Meow! Crazy Cat Lady Cliché Statistically Disproven

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Researchers have apparently determined the 10 most cat-friendly cities in America, and when a blogger studied the cities' demographic specifics, he found the stereotype of the lonely, single cat lady is totally untrue.

CATalyst Council, a non-profit coalition veterinarians and animal shelters, just released a list of the 10 best cities for cats, which are: Tampa, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. Several factors were used to rank the cities, including cat ownership rates, vet quality, microchipping, and "cat-friendly" city ordinances.

Illustration for article titled Meow! Crazy Cat Lady Cliché Statistically Disproven

Fast Company blogger Cliff Kuang looked up the U.S. Census data on each city's ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women. The chart at left, produced by Kuang, shows that, rather than having a surplus of kitty-loving spinsters, there are actually more single men in each of these cities. So ladies in these towns should know that (despite what Glamour editors may think), if they're seeking a dude who will love them and their cat, they have their pick of the litter.

Fast Cities: Cat Lady Edition [Fast Company]

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Maybe there's some subtly lost in the summary, but I don't see how this disproves the cliche. The single men have not been shown to own more of the cats than the single women. There just happen to be more single men living in cat-friendly cities. Also, living in a cat-friendly city does not necessarily make one a cat lover.

And I am being way too serious about what is meant to be a pithy piece.