"Men Who Refer To Women As 'Females' Rarely Meet My Approval"

Illustration for article titled "Men Who Refer To Women As 'Females' Rarely Meet My Approval"

While reading the comments on yesterday's Crap Craigslist From A Dude post, I noticed that one sentiment popped up over and over again: our readers really hate it when men refer to women as "females."


"It's a definite "run the other way" indicator," writes commenter girlleastlikelyto, "that, and men who say "I love women!" Both indicate an inability to see women as individual human beings." Other commenters noted that the use of "females," to describe women seemed to be quite common amongst misogynists. As commenter FroderickFronkensteen writes, "It's a very subtle way of turning people into a biological category; it's used often with a tone or context of contempt for women."

I'll admit that the use of "females" (in a non-ironic way, anyway) automatically raises a few red flags for me, not only for the aforementioned reasons, but also because it's standard d-bag vocabulary, and it just sounds kind of creepy, sort of like "ladies" does when Demetri Martin uses it:

In some ways, I suppose, hearing a man use "females," is a bit of a blessing, as commenter CharlotteCorday points out: "It's like a warning light flashing, "avoid, avoid, avoid" to me." Surely there are other words that raise just as many red flags (or, at the very least, gross you out or get on your nerves): feel free to list them in the comments.



So I take it this isn't for the men who read Jezebel? Seems like a over sensitive reaction to something that men don't even really think about when we say it. But duly noted, I'm going to ask my girlfriend (can I say MY girlfriend, or is that too possessive/oppressive?) if she gets pissed when I call her baby, or say "females" in place of "women."

In all honesty though, that's insane over-sensitivity, but that's what I've grown to love about Jezebel.

#dontflogmeforquoteenquotemansp... I'm just giving my personal opinion that happens to be from a male perspective.

Also...in the context of the craigslist ad, female and women are just as transparently generic (are women not female or vise-versa?) . Calling her baby at the end is just plain mixed signally though. He's a douche, but the female versus woman usage isn't the reason.

Kinda on the topic: What do women think of the term "guys" being used to refer to a bunch of people regardless of sex? Like "I love you guys" where the collective "guys" has both women and men in it.