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Men Sure Were Asshats To Their Wives In 50s Era Folgers Coffee Commercials

YouTuber Shaun Clayton gathered the worst parts of Folgers commercials of the 1950s and 1960s and put them together into a supercut. The result is a barrage of cruel husbands berating their mates for having the audacity to make a sub-par cup of coffee. It's too bad the possibility of time-travel is still pretty far off, because oh, the joy we would feel to be able to go back in time and say, "Make it your goddamn self."



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Am I the only one who who thinks these aren't that bad? I don't see the husbands as "cruel" or "berating." A wife's job in that era was largely to be a behind the scene player to her husband's more public success. The men are asking their wives to make less shitty coffee. What's the big deal?