Men Learn To Prepare Food, Still Won't Do Laundry

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Here's something to get excited about: Working men are doing far more chores around the house. Well actually, there's still a huge gap between the amount of time working women spend on housework compared to their male partners. We're supposed to be impressed by their effort, but when dudes start from Don Draper there's a lot of room for improvement.


The Telegraph reports that research out of an Oxford University conference on how we use our time found that men are starting to pull their fair share around the house — if you look at certain statistics. A recent time use survey in the U.K. found the women work an average of five hours and 55 minutes a day on employment and chores, which is only 18 minutes more than men, who toil for five hours and 37 minutes. But these numbers are misleading because they include the unemployed. (The only other way you'd arrive at an average workday of six hours is if you didn't count the time employees spend reading blogs when they should be working.)

Britain's Office for National Statistics reports that men spend an average of 38.4 hours in paid employment compared to 33.3 hours for women. Among employed couples, men spend an average of two hours and 28 minutes on household chores, while women spend four hours and 40 minutes cooking and cleaning. Though women still spend nearly twice as much time on housework, men would like you to note that since the '70s, they've started doing an extra hour of chores — but not laundry. British men still spend only an average of four minutes per week on washing and ironing. It's believed that men may have been inspired to pick up a spatula by TV chefs, but until Alton Brown develops a reality show about a laundromat, washing clothes will still be considered women's work.

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I am propably gonna get the shit storm now but i think partially women are to blame for that. There is alot of women which automatically take over all the household and see it as their job. They raise their sons as well that way. There are even a large amount of women which will say that a man which has to do so much housework has propably a lazy wife. Women make an effort out of it to make guys in the household look like angels doing their wife a favour. No wonder that other men which might not even have such a wife or girlfriend might pick it up from their collegues and friends.

I was from start clear that when we both work the same amount of time that we both have to share the household fair. If one of us would stay home for the one or other reason then they take over a bigger part of the household cause they are working less then the other person, i find that only fair! Do not ask me for the shit i have been getting for this already. My boyfriend who was raised by a mum which always told him that boys do not need to do household (while letting his 2 sisters work hard in the house), is not really perfect yet in most tasks and so i sometimes end up with a less then perfectly clean house when his parents or my parents come. Guess who gets the comments for that?

Luckily i have an awesome boyfriend which is willing to learn and to accept that what his mother told him is just not true or right anymore (was it ever?). So yes he shrunk my only pair of designer jeans i ever owned. Yes he never sees all corners of dirt when vacuuming but well i did not do that perfect either at the beginning. But by now he is pretty pro in doing laundry and he started now to cook. He gets already better in doing laundry and i recently taught him to clean windows.

Still i get the agressions when i hear other women proudly saying that their husbands do not need to do anything at home and that they are takeing good care of them. Or women which start to act like my boyfriend got send straight from heaven for helping me (Helping ME? Since when is that my house alone?). They fuck it up for all of us!