Men Go on 'Guyets' Because Girls are Stupid

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Are you familiar with guyets? Not to be confused with it feminine cousin, the diet, a guyet is, you know, for dudes. Because when men diet, it's different.


The Ethical Adman's Tom Meggison sent along a new ad campaign by Molson. The campaign coins the word "guyet," a supposedly masculine alternative to "diet."

If dieting is working out in order to be thin, then guyeting is "working out to justify eating the foods you love… Bacon, nachos, and burgers."

There's a very simple thing going on here: things associated with women are NOT-FOR-MEN, so anything that rings feminine must be covered in bacon, dipped in beer batter, and fried masculinized. See, for lots of examples, our Pinterest page on the phenomenon with almost 100 examples.

Importantly, this isn't just about maintaining a strong distinction between men and women, it's about maintaining gender inequality. We disparage and demean femininity, which is why men want to avoid it. Listen to the tone of voice that the narrator uses when saying the word "diet" at 21 seconds.

Dieting is stupid 'cause girls and everything associated with girls is stupid. Guyeting is awesome 'cause guys are awesome.

The reverse doesn't apply. Women who do things men like to do — drink whiskey, play sports, become surgeons, have dogs, etc - somehow rise in our esteem. Men's worth, in contrast, is harmed by their association with femininity. This is a layer of gender inequality above and beyond sexism, the privileging of men over women; it's androcentrism, the privileging of the masculine over the feminine. Since women are required to do femininity, it means being required to do trivial, demeaned, and disparaged things. Meanwhile, men have to come up with stupid excuses for participating in basic healthy activities like going for a jog.


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Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


This piece originally appeared on Sociological Images. Republished with permission.



"Women who do things men like to do — drink whiskey, play sports, become surgeons, have dogs, etc - somehow rise in our esteem."

As a moderately attractive woman who loves college football and hockey and drinks her fair share of whiskey (I'm going to ignore the other two because they are stupid examples), I'm wondering if any other Jezzies out there have found that these attributes don't seem to make them rise in anyone's esteem? I feel like this is some kind of urban legend that men really want a woman who will watch sports with them and drink whiskey. It's been my experience that a lot of men are, in fact, turned off by these things. And the men I do date find those attributes neither here nor there. The closest anyone's ever come to showing me any kind of "esteem" for it is to say that it's nice to watch a game with a girl who doesn't ask stupid questions. this just me? Am I somehow missing out on all the esteem because of some other terrible personality flaw(s) I don't know about?