Men Do Less Housework Than Women Survey Says, Women Say 'I Told You So'

Damn those gender roles sure die hard, or that stereotype about men being dirty is real talk. Either way, a new Bureau of Labor Statistics survey released on Wednesday reveals that men are still lightweights at helping out at home. Man up dude, gawd.

According to Time, the American Time Use Survey showed that 83 percent of women do some kind of “household activities” (read: cooking, cleaning, etc.) every day compared to men’s 65 percent. And when women are executing these activities, we spend more time doing our bits and bobs. When it comes to housework, like cleaning or laundry, only 19 percent of men are mopping and sweeping while 49 percent of women are, and 68 percent of women are cooking compared to 42 percent of men. But everybody likes to eat though, right? Humph.


Continuing down this path and it’s not surprising that women spend more time caring for their kids each day, if they have some, than men. What was surprising is employed men work longer hours than employed women, 53 minutes more. Time says this number reflects “women’s greater likelihood of working part-time." That said, this survey means victory for every woman whose man has said, "But I clean up too!" Not enough dude, not enough.

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