Men Are Having 'Brosectomy' Parties to Get Vasectomies... With Their Bros

Image via Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Universal Pictures.
Image via Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Universal Pictures.

Bromance. Guy liner. Manscaping. The last thing the world needs is another male ego-friendly term to describe a word or phrase that already exists and yet, here’s a new one courtesy of the Wall Street Journal: Brosectomy parties, i.e. an occasion for men to gather and get vasectomies with their buds. Bonding!


The vasectomy is a medical procedure in which the vas deferens is severed and sealed off in order to stop sperm from entering the urethra, thereby preventing pregnancy indefinitely (unless the patient decides to have the vasectomy reversed). It is a surgery done exclusively on male sex organs (though, of course, trans women can get them, too), therefore the “bro” part of brosectomy is mostly superfluous.

But hey, whatever makes you happy while getting snipped! And what makes many men happy, apparently, is shelling out a few extra grand to get vasectomies with their friends in, according to Harriet Tory at the WSJ, “a cushy setting of couches, snacks, big-screen TV, and in some clinics, top-shelf liquor.”

“We thought it was going to be painful,” one patient told Tory of his ultimately not-so-traumatic vasectomy. “After that, we were just laughing, I guess it’s from the alcohol, but we had such a great time.”

Tory writes:

Urologist Paul Turek, who has clinics in Beverly Hills, Calif., and San Francisco, said group vasectomies are a growing trend. When a group arrives, he closes the office to accommodate the men comfortably.

A limousine recently delivered a group of biotech employees from the same firm, he said. With jazz playing in the background, “I move like the wind,” Dr. Turek said, finishing each man after a song or two, about eight minutes.


Having vasectomies together provides comfort in numbers, Dr. Turek said. One group, friends since college, had vasectomies together, and they “took fewer pain pills, felt better faster and returned to work earlier than the average, go-it-alone-out-on-the-plank, tube-tied patient,” he wrote on his blog last year.

Dang, this sounds much more fun than my idea for tubal litigation proceHERs.

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Get Vasectomies... With Their Bros

How is this a bad thing?

If they’re bros not breeding that can only be good.