Men Accounted for 40% of the Breast Reduction Surgeries Performed in 2015

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According to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Americans really enjoy plastic surgery. In 2015, some 15.9 million surgeries were performed, equalling about one in every 16 Americans. That’s the most plastic surgery that Americans have had in a year, continuing the steady increase in the market since 2000. The Washington Post notes that cosmetic procedures—a category that includes minimally invasive procedures like Botox and fillers as post-treatment breast reconstruction—have increased 115 percent since the beginning of the century.


But if our fair century is the era of the ever-changing and constantly morphing body, then that body isn’t gender specific. The ASPS found that 40 percent of patients who underwent breast reduction surgery were men. Indeed, men accounted for 27, 456 of the roughly 68,000 reduction surgeries in 2015. That’s a rise of 35 percent since 2000.

“As plastic surgery is becoming more common and accepted in men, we’re seeing more of them undergo procedures to tighten and tone problem areas, like the breasts,” Dr. David Song, president of the ASPS told CBS News.


In 2015, men also found themselves lured by the siren song of Botox, still the most popular minimally invasive procedure. Men accounted from roughly half a million of Botox patients, a 337 percent increase since 2010.

Among the other revelations: breast augmentation remains the most popular surgery followed by liposuction and nose jobs. Butt implants have yet to break into the top five of America’s favorite invasive surgeries, but their popularity is rising quickly. The procedure was so unusual in 2000 that the ASPS didn’t even bother to track it; in 2015 some 2,500 decided to invest in their backsides.

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I wonder if any of the dudes who had breast reduction surgery were contending with 38Is like I do. And yet I still can’t get insurance to pay for the surgery! (I’m sure the men involved also didn’t have insurance coverage. I am merely pouting at being too poor to afford to not have my back kill me.)