Melissa McCarthy's Alter Ego, Marbles Hargrove, Has A Very Successful Video Blog

Could it be? An incarnation of Melissa McCarthy that I didn't yet know about? Here I thought I got on the Melissa McCarthy Is Awesome Train early when she was on Gilmore Girls, but I had no idea that at the same time she was also recording ridiculous video blogs under the name Marbles Hargrove. Here's a thought: now that Melissa has skyrocketed into the public eye, do you think we'll get a Marbles movie within the next couple of years? (I do. I'd even put money on it.)


[Via Best Week Ever]

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This makes me so uncomfortable. Are there any of these where she isn't stuffing her face or complaining about her blood sugar for laughs? I'm confused as to why Jezebel finds her brand of fat humor okay.