Melissa McCarthy Reveals The Hidden Danger Of Spanx

Melissa McCarthy has told plenty of funny stories, but this week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she really outdid herself. She offered up a cautionary tale to Spanx wearers everywhere that might make you weep with laughter. You see one day on her way to work, she casually threw on some Spanx and went on with her day. But they made her a little too smooth—so smooth that her pants fell off, and she didn't even notice. And this led to a cringe-inducing incident in front of the guys who were building her a fence. The lesson: if you're going to wear Spanx, always check and double check that your clothes are still on before you leave the house!


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OK, so I tried wearing Spanx once (at a store). It was super uncomfortable, but what surprised me was that it didn't make me look any thinner. Did I do something wrong?