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Melissa McCarthy Makes Daily Show Appearance in a Jon Stewart Dress

Illustration for article titled Melissa McCarthy Makes iDaily Show /iAppearance in a Jon Stewart Dress

If you’re like me, you’re saving up all of your tears like cathartic candy for the last airing of The Daily Show this summer. But if you’re like Melissa McCarthy, you’ve made your mourning a sartorial statement. On Wednesday, the Spy actress showed up to her Daily Show interview in a kimono made of Stewart’s mug like he was the many faced god.


Jon was into it.


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Image via Comedy Central.

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I love the, “Hey, that’s a nice dress....wait, what? Jon Stewart??!!!” weird factor. Like in any other fabric, it would be a cute dress. (I actually like the color scheme of greys, white and splashes of pink.) Having it with print outs of Stewart’s face just makes it hilarious.

If McCarthy ever quits acting, she could have an instant second career as an Etsy seller. Because I know people who would be all over that dress.