For the past few months, Kathy Griffin has been responding to the backlash of her stupid decapitated Trump photo by, among other things, going off-book beside her former lawyer Lisa Bloom during an ill-conceived press conference and gleefully reading gay slurs during an ill-conceived comedy set. (Saying “faggot,” even if you’re reading the words of a gay man, is not helping your cause, Kathy.)


So it should be no surprise that her next step in this train wreck of a world apology tour-cum-world standup tour should include a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video with an image of her own lip-syncing face atop Swift’s. (What should surprise everyone, however, is that it was uploaded to Melanie Griffith’s Instagram account.)

While I could be generous this fine Thursday afternoon and describe Griffin’s latest effort to atone for that Trump photo as merely sad or poorly made (it’s both, by the way), I’d rather just keep things simple and call it awful. And despite the lyrics, no one made her do this. She did it to herself.

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