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Megyn Kelly Today, Today: Things Get Unexpectedly Tense Between Megyn Kelly and Joe Biden

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage in all black.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “But first a story about the beauty of life.”
  • Megyn Kelly began a segment with Joe Biden, as he is promoting his new book Promise Me, Dad.
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape running through Joe Biden’s life story.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Joe and Jill Biden to the stage.
  • The audience went nuts.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “How ‘bout that? Do you feel that love?”
  • Joe Biden spoke lovingly of his family.
  • Joe Biden said his father once told him, “You know you’re a success as a father when you turn and look at your child and realize they turned out better than you.”
  • Joe Biden said, “Both my boys, they’re better than me.”
  • Joe Biden said the title comes from a conversation he had with Beau Biden soon before his death. Beau Biden said, “I’m gonna be all right no matter what happens, Dad. But promise me, promise me, promise me you will be.”
  • Megyn Kelly, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden spoke about their family for another block of the show.
  • Megyn Kelly eventually asked Joe Biden about the 2020 presidential race.
  • Of making his decision to run for President, Megyn Kelly asked, “Are you getting any closer?”
  • Joe Biden said, “No...You shouldn’t run unless you can give your whole heart and soul...I’m not ready...There’s so much more to do...”
  • Joe Biden said, “I’ve become a great respecter of fate.”
  • Joe Bide said, “There’s a lot of really talented people out there in the Democratic party.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Who?”
  • The audience laughed and laughed.
  • Joe Biden refused to name names, but said he’s impressed by the number of new faces in the field.
  • Jill Biden said, “I always have felt that Joe would make a great president. Always.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “How do you think Melania Trump is doing as our First Lady?”
  • Jill Biden said, “I think she’s doing great...She has grace. She shows poise. She’s interested in a lot of things. I know she’s trying to do a lot with military families, which means a lot to me and Joe...”
  • Megyn Kelly released Jill Biden, and kept Joe Biden on for one more block.
  • Joe Biden said, “I understand the rust belt, and Donald Trump has no notion what those people are going through...That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation.”
  • Bobby Finger said, “That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation’ is a good one.”
  • When discussing the Democrats’ loss last November in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, Joe Biden said, “We never got to speak to what was on their mind.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Hillary Clinton’s been criticized for not having a clear message on that, I wanna ask you though, because—”
  • Joe Biden interrupted, saying, “I think she had a clear message, she didn’t get a chance to give the message because what happened was, it was all about—”
  • Megyn Kelly interrupted, saying, “But she didn’t go to those states! She didn’t go to Wisconsin.”
  • Joe Biden said, “I think that was a mistake.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Yeah.”
  • Bobby Finger said, “Why is this so tense?”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “On the question of language, there’s no question Donald Trump’s language has been dicey and controversial. But you got hit while in office for some controversial language including ‘barbarians at the gate,’ when talking about Republicans, ‘They wanna put y’all back—’”
  • Joe Biden interrupted, saying, “I wasn’t talking about Republicans.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Well you were talking about labor unions...And you also said ‘they wanna put y’all back in chains’ speaking about Romney and the Republicans. And people said thats divisive. Any regrets about the language you used?”
  • “Well, I regret occasionally using profanity. That’s what I regret. I really do, it’s inappropriate. But the context of each of those things that I talked about is there is a wholesale assault on the idea that people have—look, there used to be a basic bargain in our country, when in fact you contributed to the wellbeing of the enterprise you were part of, you got to share in the benefits. That’s been lost.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “It’s not the principle. It’s the rhetoric that we’re talking about now.”
  • Joe Biden said, “I would say those things again. That’s different than calling my opponent a little person. Talking about their physical characteristics. All the stuff your mother would wash your mouth out for...If you attack somebody today, you usually go after their motive instead of their substance...”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “But you don’t cop to President Obama doing that occasionally, too?
  • Joe Biden said, “I have never attacked somoene’s motive.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Mmmm hmmm. I’m talking about President Obama. You know both sides do this to each other. It’s not like the Democrats are without sin.”
  • Joe Biden said, “I’m not saying there are—”
  • Megyn Kelly interrupted, saying, “I mean, Hillary Clinton was out there calling ‘em ‘basket full of deplorables,’ which a lot of people think cost her the election.”
  • Joe Biden said, “Well look, I’m speaking for myself and what I think has to change. And what has to change is the way we conduct out political rhetoric. I mean, our children are listening...Did you ever think you’d see people marching in Charlotte carrying nazi flags, saying the exact same anti-semitic bile that—I mean, why is it hard to say, ‘That is simply absolutely abhorrent’? That’s what people wanted to hear.”
  • The audience applauded.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “I gotta go but I wanna leave it at this...this is a quote from the book, “We Irish, I like to tell people, are the only people in the world who are actually nostalgic about the future. I have never stopped being a dreamer.” And with that tease, we will leave you to ponder what Joe Biden will describe to do...Thank you sir. It’s a pleasure.”
  • Megyn Kelly hugged Joe Biden and cut to commercial.
  • Bobby Finger remembered when Megyn Kelly said, “The truth is I am kinda done with politics for now.”
  • Bobby Finger remembered when Megyn Kelly said, “We’ll definitely be talking about major developments out of Washington, but it’s not going to be the Trump channel. I just don’t think that’s what people are looking for.”
  • Bobby Finger remembered when Megyn Kelly said, “Politics has never been something that’s important to me.”
  • Bobby Finger remembered the good old days of Megyn Kelly Today, when she made horrible margaritas with Valerie Bertinelli and said things like “ackshawn.”
  • Ali Raisman came onstage to discuss Larry Nassar, the team doctor she alleged sexually abused her—and countless others—for years.
  • Aly Raisman said, “Over the years, so many people looked the other way.”
  • Aly Raisman discussed the investigation of Larry Nassar.
  • Megyn Kelly thanked Aly Raisman for coming.
  • Megyn Kelly Today ended.

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