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Megyn Kelly Today, Today: The Woman Who Was Fired for Flipping Off Trump's Motorcade Steals the Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage in a pale lavender blouse.
  • Megyn Kelly began the show with the new details about Kevin Spacey sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in Nantucket last summer.
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape of Heather Unruh at a press conference.
  • Heather Unruh said, “To Kevin Spacey I wanted to say this: shame on you for what you did to my son.”
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Kate Snow, the anchor who interviewed Heather Unruh, to the stage.
  • Kate Snow rolled more tape of her interview with Heather Unruh.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “He’s in therapy. Not to worry, America. He’s next to Harvey. He is literally at the same place with Harvey. Can you imagine the group therapy there? Whatever the therapists are getting paid, it’s not enough.”
  • The audience sorta chuckled.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Up next, you may have seen the picture of a woman giving the presidential motorcade a, special, a special salute of her own. The one-finger salute. Now she says she got fired over it...we’re gonna talk to her right after this break.”
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly returned, and told the story of Juli Briskman, the woman who flipped off Trump’s motorcade and was “forced to resign.”
  • The audience applauded. (You can watch the full interview here—it’s very good.)
  • Megyn Kelly asked how it felt to flip off the President.
  • Juli Briskman said, “It felt great. Actually, don’t think anyone’s asked me that question before. It felt great.”
  • The audience laughed.
  • Megyn Kelly asked why she was forced to resign.
  • Juli Briskman said the company (Akima) said the photo (which she used as her Facebook cover photo) was “obscene” and violated their social media policy.
  • Juli Briskman said she reported a male co-worker’s obscene Facebook content some time ago, and that he was given the opportunity to clean up his Facebook page without being asked to resign.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Legally they may have had the right to fire you, assuming they treat all their empoloyees the same. But do you think it’s the right thing?”
  • Juli Briskman said, “Legal and right are not the same thing, are they? I mean, they really aren’t. Right?”
  • Megyn Kelly said nothing and just stared at Juli Briskman. (See the Clip of the Day.)
  • Bobby Finger found that awkward and said, “Juli Briskman owns.”
  • Juli Briskman kept talking and—of the company firing her for an infraction for which they forgave another employee—said, “They clearly treated me differently. It was not equal application of their social media policy.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked, “Do you regret doing it?”
  • Juli Briskman said, “I don’t regret doing it. No. I think we have a big problem in this country.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Well I know you’re the mother of two children. What message do you think you’re communicating to them?”
  • Juli Briskman said, “I think I’ve communicated to them to use their voice when they can—and how they can—when they have the opportunity.”
  • Megyn Kelly joked that she could have just given the motorcade a thumbs-down and avoided this whole mess.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Up next, a journalist devoted to helping people plan for the unexpected gets some herself. Wait ‘til you see this.”
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape of Sharon Epperson, a CNBC correspondent who suffered a brain aneurism and inspired others through her recovery.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Sharon Epperson.
  • Megyn Kelly spoke to Sharon Epperson about her recovery and how one can do financial planning for unexpected medial events.
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly returned with a Salute to Service segment, about the VetDogs program.
  • Megyn Kelly reminded viewers that Charlie the Today show dog was given to a veteran named Stacy Pearsall who suffers from PTSD after being a recurring figure on Today for a year.
  • Stacy Pearsall called Charlie her “teammate”!!!!!!!!
  • Bobby Finger screamed, “CHARLIE IS SO PRECIOUS. LOOK HOW BIG HE’S GOTTEN!!!”
  • Olivia Poff, a VetDogs employee who raises and trains the dogs before giving them away, said that before he was fully raised and given away, Charlie “[spent] his mornings with Matt Lauer...”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “And he’s happy despite that!”
  • The audience laughed.
  • Bobby Finger said, “I wonder if they actually hate each other or if they’re secretly in love.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “No, we love Matt. We kid because we love!”
  • Bobby Finger said, “Love love, or just love.”
  • Megyn Kelly did not respond because she did not hear Bobby Finger through the TV.
  • Megyn Kelly said she’s impressed by these dogs, and that she can’t even prevent her shih tzu from peeing on her “apartment rug.”
  • Olivia Poff gave Megyn Kelly a look.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Don’t look at me like that Olivia!!!”
  • The audience laughed.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Up next, our salute to service marches ahead with an important new film...female veterans and what they’re going through, next.”
  • Megyn Kelly discussed a film called Blood Stripe, about female combat veterans.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed actress Kate Nowlin and veteran Allison Jaslow to the stage.
  • Allison Jaslow said, “First and foremost people don’t think of somene who looks like me when they think of veterans.”
  • Allison Jaslow said sometimes people don’t believe her when she says she’s a combat veteran.
  • Allison Jaslow and Kate Nowlin said their goal is to remind people that woman also serve.
  • Megyn Kelly thanked Allison Jaslow and Kate Nowlin for coming.
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly returned and spoke to Hoda and Kathie Lee.
  • Kathie Lee mispronounced Nia Vardalos’s name.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Ladies, I’m feeling the thirst right now and I’ll be tuning in.”
  • Megyn Kelly Today ended.

Clip of the Day: Megyn Says Nothing