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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Megyn Kelly Today, Today: She Finally Got Me

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

  • Megyn Kelly began the show onstage, wearing a black top and gray skirt.
  • Megyn Kelly began the show with an exclusive story about Rachel Jeffs.
  • Megyn Kelly refreshed us on the Jeffs family, whose patriarch Warren ran a polygamist “cult” called the FLDS.
  • Megyn Kelly cut to tape of her interviewing Rachel Jeffs.
  • Megyn Kelly shared that Warren’s “many brides” (he had 32) got “younger and younger” as time went by.
  • Rachel Jeffs appeared onstage for her “first live TV interview.”
  • Rachel Jeffs said she had a “happy childhood” for a while.
  • Rachel Jeffs said she was only allowed to listen to music “we made ourselves.”
  • Rachel Jeffs explained the cult’s strict rules, including a ban on “feeling anger.”
  • Rachel Jeffs revealed that Warren Jeffs began sexually abusing her “as a young child.”
  • Rachel Jeffs said, “I didn’t know why he was doing it.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked, “Did you ever tell anyone?”
  • Rachel Jeffs said, “I told my mother when I was 10... when I couldn’t handle it anymore... She confronted him, but it kept happening.”
  • Rachel Jeffs continued telling her story across three blocks (you can watch the interview here).
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly began today’s Salute to Service segment, about a nonprofit called War Horses For Veterans (founded by Sgt. Patrick Benson) that helps veterans “adjust to civilian life” via equine therapy.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed founder Patrick Benson, Leandro Gonzalez Jr. (a participant in the program), and Gary Llewellyn (a mentor in the program) to the stage.
  • Veteran Leandro Gonzalez Jr. shared how War Horses For Veterans changed his life.
  • Leandro Gonzalez Jr. said, “You know it’s OK to feel when you leave the program.”
  • Bobby Finger cried while watching a Megyn Kelly Today segment for the very first time. (See the Clip of the Day.)
  • Patrick Benson explained that veterans can always come back to the program again as long as they bring another veteran along.
  • Gary Llewellyn explained that being with horses helps the brains of veterans relax.
  • Megyn Kelly said War Horses For Veterans “survives on donations,” and revealed Home Depot’s $10,000 donation.
  • The audience applauded.
  • Megyn Kelly thanked the three men for their service and cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Anne Heche to the stage to promote her new show The Brave.
  • Bobby Finger said, “I fucking love Anne Heche.”
  • Anne Heche said she’s playing the Director of Defense Intelligence.
  • Anne Heche promoted her new movie My Friend Dahmer, in which she plays Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother.
  • Megyn Kelly thanked Anne Heche for coming.
  • Megyn Kelly teased Jessie James Decker’s performance and cut to commercial.
  • Bobby Finger said, “Damn, her recent 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me was iconic.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Jessie James Decker to the stage.
  • Jessie James Decker performed some song, whatever.
  • Megyn Kelly hugged Jesse James Decker.
  • Megyn Kelly Today ended.

Clip of the Day: She Got Me