Megyn Kelly Today, Today: Men Cook Dinner, 'Then Women Will Provide the Dessert'

Image via screengrab/NBC.
Image via screengrab/NBC.

Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a new daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage in all black.
  • Bobby Finger thought, “Shocker.”
  • Megyn Kelly discussed all the newest allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein, Piven, Spacey, Ratner, and Hoffman.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Can you believe this?! Kevin Spacey!”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “On to Jeremy Piven now,” and then made a face.
  • Megyn Kelly quoted HBO’s statement about “zero-tolerance” being their policy and said, “By the way, that’s always the policy. That’s always the policy. No one has, ‘Well, a little bit of harassment’s OK.’...The question is whether it gets enforced meaningfully.”
  • Megyn Kelly moved on to Dustin Hoffman.
  • The audience groaned in disbelief.
  • Megyn Kelly took a moment for a sigh, turned to the audience seated behind her, and said, “I don’t know what to say. I’m sick of it.”
  • The audience agreed that it was sick of it.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “I’m worried about the state of our country right now, I’m proud of these men and women for coming forward, and I feel like we need to do some serious soul searching as a nation when it comes to how we treat each other.”
  • Megyn Kelly teased the “unbelievable story” in the next segment before cutting to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape of actress Catherine Oxenberg who claims her daughter India Oxenberg has been “hijacked” by the “self-help” group Nxivm, founded by Keith Raniere.
  • Megyn Kelly revealed that Keith Raniere had been accused of branding women in Nxivm, and that he has been described as a sexual manipulator.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Catherine Oxenberg to the stage, then cut to commercial.
  • Catherine Oxenberg said she had suspicions about Nxivm but that she “didn’t want to interfere as a mom. You don’t want to criticze your children.”
  • Catherine Oxenberg said that “at the end of April”—six years after joining the group—she received a call from someone who told her to get her daughter out of there, and that they were all involved in a “slave/master situation” in which they had sex with Keith and were asked to find other women to have sex with him.
  • Catherine Oxenberg said she “did an intervention” with India “at the end of May” and that it wasn’t successful.
  • Megyn Kelly said that Nxivm has denied all allegations.
  • Catherine Oxenberg said going to “the media” is her “last resort.”
  • Catherine Oxenberg said, “Im only doing this to bring awareness. Without awareness there can be no outrage.”
  • Megyn Kelly thanked Catherine Oxenberg for sharing her story.
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape of her “training with the marines.”
Me going to basic training.
  • Megyn Kelly said the experience was “humbling.”
  • Bobby Finger found it surprising that Megyn Kelly has not yet made a Private Benjamin reference, considering her professed love of Goldie Hawn movies.
  • Megyn Kelly picked up a big pack.
  • Megyn Kelly climbed a rope.
  • Megyn Kelly climbed a wall.
  • Megyn Kelly held a gun.
  • Megyn Kelly briefly interviewed two women in the Marines.
  • Megyn Kelly ended the tape and said, “Yes! Love the Marines!”
  • The audience applauded.
  • Megyn Kelly teased Matt Lauer’s appearance.
  • Matt Lauer was shown in the hall wearing a chef’s hat.
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Matt Lauer to the stage—a kitchen set!
  • Matt Lauer said he does not cook generally, but that he “is a TV cook.”
  • Matt Lauer taught Megyn Kelly how to make spaghetti carbonara.
  • Matt Lauer explained what “al dente” means.”
  • Matt Lauer said, “Pancetta.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Is that just bacon?”
  • Matt Lauer said, “It’s kinda fancy bacon.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “So at the store, do I need to say pancetta or just thick bacon?”
  • Matt Lauer said, “Just say thick-sliced bacon.”
  • Matt Lauer condescended to Megyn Kelly by asking if she knew how to separate egg yolks and whites.
  • Megyn Kelly separated egg yolks and egg whites.
  • The audience applauded.
  • Matt Lauer revealed that you can separate the egg yolks and whites by using your fingers to strain.
  • Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer finished cooking the spaghetti carbonara.
  • Matt Lauer said, “Men cook dinner night.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “And then the women will provide the dessert.” (See the Clip of the Day.)
  • Bobby Finger said, “I’m gonna spew.”
  • Bobby Finger wondered whether “dessert” meant “sweet treat” or “a little ackshawn.”
  • A commercial for Xeljanz came on, per usual.
  • Bobby Finger remained shocked that the name Xeljanz made it through the focus groups.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Melissa Garcia back to the show to talk about fashion.
  • Bobby Finger said, “Oh boy.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “I used to say I’d never wear flowers, but I do wear them now!”
  • Melissa Garcia showed a photo of Megyn Kelly wearing a child.
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  • Megyn Kelly said, “The only reason I ever looked nice is because my sister would put me in a nice outfit. My mother never did. I love her, but you’ll meet her later and you’ll understand more.”
  • Bobby Finger said, “Yikes!”
  • Melissa Garcia asked Megyn Kelly for her favorite decade.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “The 80s.”
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly returned and asked people to get free tickets to her show at
  • Bobby Finger thought, “I’m trying, Megyn, but I must be blacklisted because no one ever approves my ticket requests.”
  • Megyn Kelly Today ended.

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