Megyn Kelly Today, Today: In Which Tom Brokaw Gets Cut Off While Speaking Out Against the NRA

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This is a short one because today’s Clip of the Day is all that really matters. Watch it below! Here’s a transcript:

  • A man in the audience named Bill asked Tom Brokaw, one of Megyn Kelly’s guests, “We’re constantly bombarded with the news day and night. When does this become harmful to us and our children?”
  • Tom Brokaw said, “We are where we are because of the power of people who wanted these kinds of guns, and the NRA managed to organize them and get them as a political force in America. So the question is, if you’re not happy with what has happened, your individual obligation as a citizen is to organize on the other side. And that’s possible as well. The NRA has a lot of money, obviously, and if you’re running against the NRA... you’re portrayed as a traitor against America. You know, you’re not in favor of people who have weapons... We’re a long way away from that second amendment in which we said that a well regulated militia is important to our country...”
  • Tom Brokaw kept talking, but Megyn Kelly interrupted by saying, “Got it. Gotta leave it at that, Tom. Thank you to our entire panel. We’re up against a hard break, apologies Tom Brokaw. Sorry, they’re wrapping me hard because we got a hard break coming up. But listen, this debate will not end now. There are people who defend the second amendment who believe you can’t legislate against evil, and those who believe we have to have an honest conversation. Gotta leave it at that. We’ll be right back.”

Clip of the Day:

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Also Santa Claus is white and black people deserve to be brutally killed by police and women who are sexually harassed and assaulted are probably asking for it. Gotta leave it at that. We’ll be right back and our next segment will include a prolonged discussion of high waisted jeans.