Megyn Kelly Today, Today: Corey Feldman Speaks Out About Pedophilia In Hollywood

Image via NBC/screengrab.
Image via NBC/screengrab.

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  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage in a black dress.
  • Megyn Kelly spoke briefly about Paul Manafort’s indictment.
  • Pete Williams appeared via sattelite to discuss the indictments.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Pete Williams. Thank you.”
  • Megyn Kelly moved on to Anthony Rapp’s allegations against Kevin Spacey.
  • Megyn Kelly moved on to the allegations against NBC News’ s Mark Halperin.
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape debriefing the allegations against Mark Halperin, which was obviously prepared pre-Spacey.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Eleanor McManus, one of Mark Halperin’s accusers, to the stage.
  • Eleanor McManus said, “Something I’ve learned from all of this is that everyone has a story.”
  • Eleanor McManus said, “I think now, finally, the tide is changing.”
  • Megyn Kelly cut to commercial.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Corey Feldman to the stage. (You can watch the full interview here.)
  • Megyn Kelly rolled tape of Feldman from 2011 saying, “The number one problem in Hollywood” is pedophilia.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “We will hear more about his claims about a pedophile ring in Hollywood right after this break.”
  • Corey Feldman said, “This is about creating a cycle of awareness....Unfortunately, I have tried time and time again [to get the story out].”
  • Corey Feldman said he was asked by the Santa Barbara PD in about Michael Jackson in 1993. He told them that his “friend” Michael Jackson was “not” a pedophile and that he could name names of the people who were.
  • Corey Feldman said that after giving them names of actual pedophiles, the SBPD said, “Unfortunately that’s not our area.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked if he ever followed up with law enforcement officials in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Corey Feldman said, “I didn’t follow up because when you’re an 18, 19-year old kid, you try telling the police.”
  • Megyn Kelly said they reached out to Santa Barbara PD but did not hear back from them.
  • Corey Feldman said many of the Weinstein accusers “took a deal” to “keep their mouths shut...We never had that.” (See the Clip of the Day.)
  • Megyn Kelly said, “I don’t think you’re characterizing [his accusers] correctly at all...I think they took a deal...because they felt helpless, and this was the only measure of justice they could get.”
  • Corey Feldman said, “I was never awarded that opportunity...We never were given an opportunity to possibly get an upside for our victimization.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Right now the upside is protecting other little boys.”
  • Corey Feldman said, “Correct. Absolutely...I don’t have to wait until the film is done. The most important thing I have right now is that I have security. Somebody tried to kill me the other day...This is no joke.”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Someone tried to kill you? What happened?”
  • Corey Feldman said, “I had two trucks come speeding at me on the highway at the same time...”
  • Megyn Kelly said, “But wouldn’t you be more safe if you named the perpetrator right now? And therefore immobilized him from coming after you?”
  • Corey Feldman said, “If that was the case, if the law protected me, I would do it in a second, but how can I protect myself...If I have no money to represent myself...”
  • Megyn Kelly said there are lawyers who would defend him pro bono.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Truth is an absolute defense to any defamation case.”
  • Corey Feldman said, “All I want is for people to open their eyes and see the light.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked how many names he has.
  • Corey Feldman said, “Six...Three are [currently] working in Hollywood.”
  • Megyn Kelly said “If you named the one [Marty Weiss], why not name the others?”
  • Corey Feldman said the other person who molested him is currently “working for the LA Dodgers.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked Corey Feldman to name him.
  • Corey Feldman said, “I can’t do that right now until I have legal protection.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “Corey Feldman, thank you for being here. ALL the best to you.
  • Megyn Kelly continued her show with two dreary segments I will skip for now because we’ve had enough.
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed lawyers Heather Hanson and Mark Eiglarsh to the stage for “news you can use,” aka a true/false game about Halloween.
  • Megyn Kelly said, “True or false, you can be sued for not revealing the house you’re selling might be haunted.”
  • One of the lawyers said, “The truth is a little bit of maybe.”
  • Bobby Finger said, “I’m done with this segment. Who the hell are these people?”
  • Megyn Kelly said everyone “including yours truly” would be in costume tomorrow, because the Today Show hosts always go nuts on Halloween.
  • Bobby Finger decided to buy plenty of candy for tomorrow’s viewing.
  • Megyn Kelly Today ended.

Clip of the Day: Corey Feldman

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I am super uncomfortable with his assertation that there is a financial “upside” to victimization. Between that and his constant wriggling refusal to name names for vague financial reasons, I feel like it casts a lot of doubt over his intentions here, and potentially makes it even easier for his detractors to ignore or discredit him in future.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it? I don’t think so but I don’t feel good criticizing him either.