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Striking fear in the hearts of liberals everywhere (according to Politico anyway), Megyn Kelly's new show The Kelly Files premiered Monday night. She interviewed Ted Cruz and talked about that biker brawl, but she also sensitively talked with Miriam Carey's siblings about their concerns with the way their sister's car chase was handled. Has Hell frozen over?


Using her very best walk softly but carry a big stick voice, Kelly interviewed Valarie Carey and Amy Carey Jones (accompanied by their lawyer Eric Sanders), who say they're questioning how law enforcement officials handled the case. They're wondering, among other things, why Miriam's car showed little to no damage after the chase but other cars look ruined and whether she was shot again after her car had been contained.


"That sounds like an execution to me," said Amy of the latter possibility, which she's based off of various eyewitness reports she's read online. "It really does not add up for us."

"Many have pointed out that in DC of all cities, tensions are high and police and security worry there in a way they don't have to worry in other cities about a car that's out of control and not responding to officer commands," said Kelly, directing her question to Valarie, who is a retired New York City Police sergeant. "Can you understand that piece of it?" Valarie tried to answer the question, making reference to her time as a police officer during 9/11, but got noticeably emotional and was saved by her lawyer. He says the pair haven't decided to take legal action, but are still weighing all the facts.

"We are not sure that Miriam was unstable, we're just trying to focus on what happened when she got there," added Amy. Weirdly or not weirdly enough, Kelly gave them that moment and in a decidedly unhysterical and very un-Fox News way.


Exclusive: Miriam Carey's family speaks out about her life [Fox News]

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I can't imagine what these people are going through. When my brother died 3 years ago, it took me over a year before I could even think about him without crying. Talking about him was out of the question. I don't know how you answer questions in depth and try to stay calm when someone you love died so recently.