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Meghan McCain Is Officially Joining The View

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

The moment we all saw coming since at least last week has arrived: Meghan McCain is joining The View as a regular co-host, Variety reported on Wednesday. Her first day of work will be sometime in October, which is practically tomorrow.


McCain’s arrival at The View is largely seen as a conservative move to replace a conservative host (Jedediah Bila, who announced her departure from the ABC show earlier this month), with another conservative host. McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain, describes herself as a Republican who’s liberal on some social issues, an increasingly retro political position (and, I might add, a contradictory one).


Less than two weeks before accepting the hosting gig at The View, McCain left Fox News, where she co-hosted Outnumbered, a show I’ve never seen but whose concept sounds awful (it features four female co-hosts, one rotating male guest they call “one lucky guy,” and a tv viewership that is 100 percent of the time crying).

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of The View at the gym, and my dumb mind always assumes it’s a rerun. But why would there be reruns of a daytime talk show? I never got around to questioning that until now. Clearly I’m not the target audience.

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it features four female co-hosts, one rotating male guest they call “one lucky guy,”

you’ve got to ask yourself one question, tucker? do i feel lucky? 

well, do ya, punk?