Meghan McCain Doesn't Trust Dr. Fauci Because He Didn't Blame Protesters for Covid-19 Uptick

Meghan McCain said on The View on Wednesday that while she is worried about the rise in covid-19 cases, she’s lost trust in Dr. Anthony Fauci because he isn’t “screaming bloody murder” about Black Lives Matter protests and Pride marches.

McCain lamented the perception that Republicans receive most of the blame for the United States’ inability to keep the pandemic under control, even though studies have suggested that Fox News viewers, Sean Hannity’s audience in particular, failed to take the virus seriously at the outset.


Setting aside that just like the virus, people are being killed by police brutality and the effects of institutionalized racism, there hasn’t been any evidence that nationwide protests led to an increase in covid-19 cases. McCain’s defense also ignores that the Trump Administration’s coronavirus task force, of which Fauci is a part, held fewer meetings as cases began to rise again.

When co-host Whoopi Goldberg pushed back against McCain’s claims, McCain replied, “I’m the only conservative on this show and I leave this place and all I do is pretty much consume conservative media, so I was just trying to explain what conservatives are seeing.”


Well Meghan, looks like you might be part of the problem! Watch the video above for more.

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Having participated in a number of BLM/Pride things in NYC, I can tell you 99.99% of the people I was nearby wore masks and some attendees were walking around distributing hand sanitizer. When they could, people kept some distance and tried to avoid body contact.

Also - if you look at where cases are increasing in the states, there aren’t noticeable upticks in LA, the Twin Cities, Chicago, or NY. Granted, it’s only been about 5 weeks, but the growth isn’t exactly in places where the protests were/are happening.