Meghan McCain Disses Bristol On Daily Show

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Meghan McCain didn't get to talk much about her ideas for broadening the Republican Party on the Daily Show last night, but she did get a chance to insult Bristol Palin.


Keep an eye out at about the four-minute mark, when McCain quips, "when you're sent to an image consultant and it's said that you look like a stripper and you talk bad and you're hurting the campaign, when there's a pregnant teen there, it does a little bit to your self esteem." McCain previously told Jay Leno that she cried when she found out her dad had chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate, and Jon Stewart's spot-on when he says, "Palin dominates the narrative, even telling your story and your father's story."


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Meghan McCain actually has her wits about her, and it would interesting to see her talk about her ideas for a new Republican Party, especially as they might relate to young women. Instead, the conversation focused on her role as John McCain's daughter and as foil for the Palin women. In her book, McCain says she felt like a prop on the campaign trail, and I wonder if she still feels that way now. As fun as it is to imagine, say, a Bristol vs. Meghan dance-off, McCain deserves a chance to prove that she, at least, has some substance.

Meghan McCain Takes Shot At Bristol Palin On 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' [Huffington Post]

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

You know, I think it's a little unfair to knock Bristol just because she got pregnant as a teen. You want to question her public abstinence stance? Fine, that's fair game. But as the spouse of someone who fathered a child at 17, I would like to point out that being a teen parent doesn't make you evil, it doesn't make you worthless, and it doesn't make you low class and deserving of mockery, either. It means you made a mistake. Knocking this young woman for making a mistake it's all too easy to make when you grow up in a conservative Christian environment that stifles open talk about sex and relationships is unfair.

Now if she had made fun of Bristol for her Dancing with the Stars gig, I'd be all for it.