Meghan Markle Enters a Den of Royals

Not much to report on the royal wedding front today; merely that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived at Buckingham Palace for a pre-Christmas luncheon hosted by Queen Elizabeth II and full of sundry royals. Royals everywhere. Royals on the sofas, royals under the tree, royals in the walls.


“The celebration, held annually by Queen Elizabeth, is an opportunity for the monarch to celebrate Christmas with all of the extended members of her family, including those who might not be invited to Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth’s estate where much of the royal family celebrates Christmas,” reported ABC News. The cast of characters at this shindig is, doubtless, totally incredible—the Sun says there will be 50 royals in attendance—and invite list probably includes at least one imperial crypt keeper. But is it a particularly exciting occasion for anybody but corgis, who are probably eager for a little pre-Christmas ham? Frankly, this wouldn’t merit 34 seconds of air time on The Crown, unless somebody behaves atrociously to Markle.

Of course, that didn’t stop anybody.


Including us! Here you are, reading about it. Here I am, writing about it. Look, it’s the week before Christmas. Let’s just go with it.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel



Royals on the sofas, royals under the tree, royals in the walls.

I dunno what you were going for here, but I immediately imagined the ones in the wall to be dead ones.