Megan Thee Stallion Took a Nice Trip to the Strip Club With About 57 of Her Closest Friends

Yurp: Megan Thee Stallion f. Lil Durk, “Movie” - Aglow with the bisexual lighting schemes of P-Valley and almost confrontational in its no-apologies celebration of both the strength and athleticism of strippers and the fact of an ass itself, “Movie” is serving us pure 2:15 a.m. debauchery of the sort that has been inaccessible to most of the U.S. for a year. (Or at least inaccessible to those of us who are not trying to go to a club in the pandemic.) Meg is assured and the keeper of her own domain as ever, but the true strip club appreciation comes in the form of a line from Durk: “The strip club got the best chicken wings, give me six.” I miss bar food, and bars. —Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Y: Tirzah, “Send Me” - I was pretty obsessed with English artist Tirzah’s debut album Devotion back in 2018 and I’m very excited she’s back with a new song. Her latest, “Send Me,” is another example of what she does best: loose, minimalist pop music that speaks volumes with so little. - Hazel Cills

Yah: SPELLLING, “Little Deer” - Artist Chrystia Cabral, who performs as SPELLLING, goes full Kate Bush on this sweeping, orchestral new single. She sort of sounds like a goth Disney princess? I’m here for it. - HC


Y/Y/Y/Y: CFCF, “Night/Day/Work/Home” - The centerpiece of Canadian producer/singer CFCF’s retro-fried new album, Memoryland, is this eight-and-a-half minute marathon of pumping radio-trance beats, plaintive verses, and a pitched-up chorus. Keep riding for the breaky left it takes around the 3:20 mark, when it seemingly becomes an Underworld tribute and is reborn slippy. —Rich Juzwiak

Yeah: Saweetie, “Risky” (ft. Drakeo The Ruler) - If we ignore that Gwen Stefani/Saweetie monstrosity that dropped last week, it’s safe to say that Saweetie is on a roll, and “Risky” proves it. It might not be quite as infectious as her Summer 2020 hit “Tap In,” but it’s pretty close. Saweetie declares that it’s about to be a pretty bitch summer, and honestly? That’s a post-vaccine vibe that I can get with. We’re ready. With that said, Drakeo The Ruler didn’t really add to the song. Maybe his flow just takes some getting used to, but it wasn’t hitting and felt jarring. No offense, but it kind of fucked up my vibe. It’s okay, though: The beat, visuals, and Saweetie’s jewel-encrusted G-string made up for it. —Ashley Reese

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Well if nothing else, thank you Ashley for warning us about Drakeo The Ruler’s “flow” (or entire lack thereof), without that heads up I would have thought some random had hacked Saweetie’s YouTube video. If that’s where rap is going next then I’m officially old and done.