Megan Mullally's Home For Actresses

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Peggy Dvorak, of the Peggy Dvorak Institute, teaches her students how to break out of the bland, boiled-potato stereotype and be "cool." I would totally sign up for a lesson — except that this is a video from Funny Or Die and Peggy is actually played by the hilarious Megan Mullally. Her students, however, all swear they've learned a lot, and the collective status of said stars — Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, Lake Bell, Casey Wilson, and Michaela Watkins — is nothing to shake a stick at. Ellie Kemper makes an appearance, too, but for reasons unknown she has been deemed unfit to join the faux academy, no matter how many baked goods she drops off or how hard she tries. Blame it on her Office character's squeaky-clean vibe.


Home for Actresses from Megan Mullally

I'm so into the idea of these women living in an actress commune together that I hereby call for the turning of this clip into a movie or television series. I'm pretty sure I'd watch it every single day.


Spygirl Ouest

Episode Two B-Story: Nick Offerman in drag, trying to sneak into the awesome academy. With a tiny hat.