Megan Mullally Sang to Tig Notaro in the Hospital...Or So She Thought

On Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, Megan Mullally revealed just how good of a friend she is, telling the story of how, when Tig Notaro was in the hospital recovering from her double mastectomy, she came to visit her every day and sang (Tig likes her singing voice). She got so used to doing it that she kept doing it, even after Tig checked out, which appears to have endeared her to a new audience of people!


Gotta say, if I was in the hospital and Megan Mullally walked in doing anything, I’d probably be cured of that illness immediately.

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barelylethal: shitass

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I just have to tell you: I love your voice.”