Meg Ryan Is Engaged to a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dad

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Meg Ryan (yes, her) and John Mellencamp (he sings the “Life goes on / long after the thrill of living is gone” song) are engaged.

Apparently Ryan has been dating the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dad for a minute now (John’s daughter Teddi Jo Mellencamp-Arroyave joined the Bravo cast earlier this year for Season 8, just in time for it to suck.) Page Six first linked the pair in 2011, but apparently they broke things off in 2014 and then got back together in 2017.

I vaguely remember the split, if only because Mellencamp told Howard Stern in 2017, obviously prior to their rekindling, that “Women hate me. I loved Meg Ryan. She hates me to death.” Looks like now she loves him ‘til death do ‘em part.


Ryan announced the news with this fucked up drawing on Instagram with the caption, “ENGAGED!” Hell yeah they are.

Should the two wed, this will be John Mellencamp’s fourth marriage (he was married to Elaine Irwin from 1992–2011, Teddi’s mom Victoria Granucci from 1981 to 1989 and Priscilla Esterline from 1971 to 1981). It will be Meg Ryan’s second; she was previously partnered to a poor man’s Harrison Ford, actor Dennis Quaid, from 1991 to 2001.

Whatever the case, I’m happy for these weirdos. Get it, guys.

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wait do we not like dennis quaid? i like dennis quaid. i mean, nothing against harrison ford, i just never thought of dennis as a poor man's anything.