Meet The World's Most Obsessed Katy Perry Fan

He drinks from Katy Perry mugs, his wall is completely covered with Katy Perry pictures, he buys two copies of every Katy Perry magazine*, and he likes Katy Perry more than he likes his own family. Congratulations, Jack Moore — you are most definitely Katy Perry's #1 fan. Check out all of Moore's Katy Perry collectibles in this mini-documentary that chronicles his obsession with the pop star.


* To be fair, I knew plenty of girls who would buy two copies of a magazine (including my teenage self): one for keeps, and one to cut up and paste all over your bedroom wall. I'm looking at you, 1999 special edition magazine entirely dedicated to NSYNC.

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I can empathize. I went through a HUGE Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan phase in high school.

I had it ALL. The Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan backpack, the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Trapper-Keeper, the stuffed plush Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan doll from his '96 world tour, the signed copy of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's concert DVD "Wrath of Khan." I even spent way, way too much money on EBay to buy a limited-edition set of all four of McDonalds commemorative Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan drinking glasses.

Keep the flame alive, Jack.