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Meet the Twerking Thief of Brooklyn

You know how in the "12 Days of Christmas," there are nine ladies dancing? Well, in New York, there is one lady dancing — she is, in fact, "The Twerking Thief of Brooklyn," who's getting down while robbing people's Christmas packages.

Riddle, a 27-year-old Graphics Coordinator with VH1, says she returned home last Wednesday to find that two packages belonging to her and her boyfriend had been ripped open, with the contents taken out and boxes left behind. They looked through her building's surveillance footage to find the suspects—the twerker kept watch and held the elevator while a man did the actual stealing.

But she was much more amazed by what transpired prior to the theft: "The interesting part was what happened before the break-in, in which the woman proceeded to straight up twerk outside of our building. For an entire hour. Rest breaks were had, but she got right back up and dropped it like it was hot, often times on the lap of the man."


Pick up your packages at the Post Office, y'all.


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The grinch got sassy as hell since I was a kid