Meet the Terrible Couple Attempting to Build an American Versailles

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David and Jackie Siegel are an American couple who, just like the rest of us, are looking for a nice and comfortable place to raise their family and live out their days. You know how you've always dreamed of a house with a porch swing or a room with a window box? This is just like that, only what David and Jackie have always dreamed of is a 90-thousand square foot home built out of concrete and Italian marble with multiple kitchens and $4 million's worth of window installations. While most of us may never live to inhabit our dream homes, the Siegels are making it happen by building a ginormous and ostentatious structure that's set to be the largest mansion in the United States.


The home, nicknamed by the couple as "Versailles" (the original Versailles is one of the few mansions in the world with an equally large floor plan), is being constructed at The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound, a gated community in Orlando, Florida. The residence will boast a bowling alley, two movie theaters (one of which is modeled on the Paris opera house) and a four thousand square-foot closet. There is still the question of whether or not the Siegels will have enough money to complete the structure, but who cares? This is America, and they are carrying on with plans regardless.

When asked how she could justify such over the top spending when so many in our nation go without bread, Jackie Siegel, a former beauty queen from Binghamton, NY, responded, "Let them eat cake."


Well, on their heads, so be it.

Biggest Home in America: Will Money Hold Out?
Versailles, the Would-Be Biggest House in America [Business Week]

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Le Coucher d'Yvette

The Business Week article makes these people sound like complete and utter assholes.

"Next door is a 12,000-square-foot house. That could be my maid's quarters one day."

"My wife is a psycho, but a lovable psycho"

They apparently lived next to Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren: "When [Tiger] crashed his car, Jackie ran out and took photos, she sold one to TMZ for $400. That was very enterprising of her, but I think she could have gotten more."

"Seven kids, and neither of us ever changed a diaper."

"I'm a wealthy guy, but I live like my customers live. I love to get bargains. The car I drive was free. I got it from Thrifty because we do so much business with them."

And the best: "My wife is kind of a frustrated wannabe movie star. You could call her an ax murderer, but if you spell her name right, she'll be OK with it."