Meet The Poor Lady Scared To Death Of Kittens

Animal Planet's My Extreme Animal Phobia is still churning out episodes of regular people with animal-related fears and just like they did with man terrified of puppies, this week they forced a woman scared of kittens into the local ASPCA. While I feel for Sandra, I also appreciated her friend's assessment of the situation: "The cats, they are behind the cage, it's not like they can get to her. It's like when she hears 'meow' she starts crying — and I'm like, 'Are you serious?'" To Sandra's credit, staring directly into a feline's strong glare can be creepy sometimes — and let's be honest: they are the devil's pet.

[Animal Planet via Buzzfeed]

Puppies Can Be Terrifying

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Kat Callahan

I don't like dogs. At all. Not even puppies. Not even a little bit.

It's not fear though. It's a disgusting dirty feeling, and it comes from experiences I had where relatives owned dogs bigger than me that would knock me down and lick me. I'm also allergic so I would begin to sneeze and even breakout depending on how long the hair was. It wasn't scary, and I am not normally germophobic or obsessive compulsive, but if I didn't get a shower or bath immediately I would freak the hell out. Toy breeds annoy the shit out of me, and I call them "rats on leashes." I don't go in houses with dogs, I'll stand out on the porch.

But kittens? I LOVE kittens. I am a total cat person, and had cats almost all my life, until the last few years when they finally got up there in kitty years and passed away. I'm too internationally mobile now to have a kitten, but I want one.