Meet The One Person Who Actively Hates Kim Kardashian's Ass

Last night's episode of The CW's H8R featured Kim Kardashian barging in on a poor woman during her yoga class in order for Kim to tell her that she'd heard all of the trash she had talked about her — and her rear end. Her her biggest issue with Kardashian was how she had taken big butts, a trait she identified with, and claimed it for her own. Uh, okay. Despite Kim's off-putting arrival which totally fucked up savasana or whatever, the two ended up liking each other by the end of the episode. Because they made a painting together. Yeah, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either, but I guess that's what happens when you create horrible-looking painting together. I assume it turned out looking something like this.

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I made the correct prediction months ago that this stupid show would make a mockery of the Black girl by whittling down her issues with Kardashian and her klan down to something shallow and catty. After all, it'd be too much like right to have an intelligent Black woman point out that how some misbegotten Negroes have put this chick on a pedestal while denigrating Black women who exhibit the same behavior, while it would make too much sense to have said Black woman call Kardashian out for benefitting handsomely from adopting Black female physical features that would be considered "old hat" on a Black woman.

In turn, all I'll add to this is that I hope that this mess of a clip serves as a lesson to those who think that the mainstream media actually gives a damn about hearing and debating any thought-provoking critique about the assimilation of Black imagery by non-Black folks.