Watch out, Rihanna — there's a Nigerian heiress named Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez who's coming for you. Well, maybe.

Daughter of Antonio Deinde Fernandez, one of the world's wealthiest men, Fernandez says daddy is worth $8.7 billion and she grew up calling the late Nelson Mandela, a family friend, "uncle." She splits her time between a plush pad in New York's midtown Mercedes House and a mansion in Larchmont, NY. Bim, who dresses her French bulldog in gold necklaces, says her passion for music comes from a love of Courtney Love and Rihanna and that her talent will catch the eye of the finicky public.

“Money can’t buy a record deal," she says. “It can’t buy good music. You can either sing or you can’t.”

Her first single is called “Let’s Take It Naked,” and she insists it is not as forward as the title sounds. It's just about, you know, playful young love.

“It’s very poppy, like, ‘I think you’re cute! Do you like me? So let’s get naked!’ I want it to be that song where it’s like, ‘Turn that song on! Let’s get ready! Let’s do shots!’”

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but…let's take our clothes off and pray neither of us have STDs! I'm not so sure about that message, but may the music industry be as kind to you, Bim, as it has been to others before. Luck, be a lady tonight.


Image via SMH Records.