Meet the Democratic Wife Guys of 2020

If there’s one thing that the too many men running for president have in common, it’s that they love their wives—who are also their heroes.

I, for one, appreciate how often these dudes mention the women they’re married to. As we all know, having a wife is concrete evidence that you respect women. It’s also a reminder that someone somewhere found each of them hot at least once. Meow!

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It’s such a weird damn answer, and the fact that so many candidates have given the same answer makes it weirder.

Think, for a moment, how bizarre it would be to have one of the women candidates answer that their husband was their hero. Switching the genders doesn’t make it any less weird!

That kind of fawning idealization of a partner doesn’t really say love or partnership of equals to me. It says, “my focus group agreed this answer was relatable and unlikely to get me into trouble.”