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Meet Phil, the Sleazy Dick Pill Shill

Illustration for article titled Meet Phil, the Sleazy Dick Pill Shill

Phil, also known as "The Legend," is the man you wish your man to not be like. He's married but all the hot young ladies are still after him, in his mind. Though he's married, he spends a lot time at the beach, alone. He runs. He does yoga. He has a gut. He has a calendar. And he may be the worst ad mascot since Burger King's Herb The Nerd.

Phil's got his "confidence" — the erectile dysfunction marketing code word for "boner" — back thanks to Dynafil, a new generic Viagra being sold in South Africa by Pharma Dynamics. Dyna-Phil (I would have nicknamed him Dynamite Phil) is an anti-mascot, a common advertising strategy. The problem here is, anti-mascots need to be funny, or at least insane. Phil is neither. He's just an unappealing, boring, mild douchebag. What's the actual fucking point of him? He makes me yearn for the Men of Cialis.

Illustration for article titled Meet Phil, the Sleazy Dick Pill Shill

Phil's got himself a website that's purposely been designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town to look like the 1990s. There, you can win a t-shirt with a white stallion and the phrase "Sorry ladies, I'm already taken" on it. And you can download the aforementioned calendar and a Phil mask. My guess is none of these items are very popular, that guess being based on the fact that, even though Phil's page has been up since last spring, it only has 119 Facebook likes.

Phil, I believe, is not long for this marketing world.

Four more short videos of Phil in action below.

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