Meet Hello Kitty's New Friend: Gudetama, the Sad Egg

Sanrio has introduced a new sad sidekick for Hello Kitty and his name is Gudetama. He is an egg yolk, literally, and appears to be the Eeyore of the crew, though his woe-is-me demeanor is probably because he’s just waiting to be eaten.

Gudetama is pictured fried on rice, as tomago sushi and dripping from a cracked egg. He's whiny, always has a face of despair, and according to the Sanrio release on the little guy, is "unmotivated."


Gudetama is the result of Sanrio’s campaign to find a food-based character and the LA Times reports that the sullen egg beat out a tofu geisha and a panda bear-shaped piece of bread for second place. Who he didn’t beat was Kirimi-chan, the salmon head that's all over the company's new merchandise. My question? What ever happened to Keroppi? He was always my favorite.


I love My Melody and Chococat.