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Meet Google's New Woman CFO, Ruth Porat

Illustration for article titled Meet Googles New Woman CFO, Ruth Porat

Meet the tech industry's newest force to be reckoned with: Ruth Forat, who was just hired by Google to serve as its new CFO.


As underrepresented as women in finance are, this isn't Forat's first time at the rodeo: she currently works as Morgan Stanley's CFO, where she's been employed for almost 30 years.

Via CNN:

Porat was already known as the most powerful woman on Wall Street, an industry that has yet to see its first female CEO. She played a pivotal role during the financial crisis of 2008, leading the Morgan Stanley teams that advised the government on the bailouts of AIG (AIG), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Porat is no stranger to the tech world. She grew up in Silicon Valley and later led Morgan Stanley's tech banking franchise during the Internet boom. That means she was the lead banker on countless milestone technology rounds, including ones for Amazon (AMZN, Tech30), eBay (EBAY, Tech30), Netscape and Priceline (PCLN, Tech30).


Google, meanwhile, is living up to its promise of "hiring outstanding women who want to do cool things that matter for the rest of the world"—like acquiring one of the bossiest boss ladies in the biz who, I hope, will influence the tech scene's notorious boys' club culture.

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Um. how about "Meet Google's new CFO"? She's not "the woman CFO", she's the CFO. There's not a corresponding "man CFO" and I'm thinking that we'll understand that she's a woman by both her name, and that the story is on Jezebel.