This October, MTV will debut a new reality series that follows a 23-year-old girl who leaves Pittsburgh behind to pursue a fashion career in Los Angeles. But The Hills this is not. We hope.

In the preview for the new reality series, the network describes their new star as "a new kind of MTV heroine." Out of the many ways Chelsea is not like Lauren Conrad, this one might stick out the most: Settles weights 324 pounds. Not to mention how Settles will go through painful life struggles that LC never even had to think about, like leaving her unsupportive boyfriend and sick, diabetic mother in Pennsylvania. Or, trying to get her foot in the door at any fashion house possible, because MTV won't plant her into Teen Vouge or People's Revolution like they did with the rest of their fashion-centric reality stars. Her weight will be an issue throughout the series, both in her personal life and in trying to break into the fashion world. We're skeptical, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that MTV will honestly explore the character's journey to find her way instead of exploiting her. 50/50 chance on that one.

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[Vulture via People]