Meet Bosco, the Eminently Cool Atlanta Musician Whose Great Vibes Are Contagious

Bosco is the kind of young creative so many aspire to become. As a musician, the Atlanta-based singer and songwriter has released her songs without fear of experimentation, most notably on her 2015 EP Boy and Girls in the Yard, her 2016 collaboration with ATL DJ Speakerfoxxx, both excellent. (You might also have heard her voice on Sunday night’s Insecure Season 2 premiere.)


And as a connector—a sort of dynamic, hard-working fulcrum for creative people of all sorts—Bosco is the creator of SLUG, a consulting agency to bring young millennials of color together and create a platform for artists who may not have otherwise gotten a look. “It was something I didn’t want to rush,” she said when she came by the Jezebel office last month, “because I knew the importance of its purpose, being an African-American girl from Savannah, Georgia, with not that many opportunities. I wanted to create a safe space for people of color, the millennial voice, that were just like me.”

A SLUG publication is on the roster—she holds a degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design—but in the meantime, Bosco is gearing up to release b., her second EP on Fool’s Gold Records and a chronicle of her own growth into, she told us, a full-blown woman. Anchored by her rich, warm voice, it’s full of songs that have roots in pop and R&B but aren’t bound by any genre mandates, the songs more united by their propulsive healing properties than any precept of type. For example: last week, she released the single “Adrenaline,” a new-wave stomper with a typically killer hook, her lush vocals weaving between sweet and sharp-tongued. And when paired with her most recent single before that—the heartbreak bop “Castles,” featuring St. Beauty—her versatility as an artist shines through. Her best quality might be the way she knows how to catch a vibe.

That’s her in person, too, as we discovered. Bosco is immediately cool but in a real and genuine way—she matter-of-factly mentioned that people tend to gravitate to her, and it’s clearly because of her openness and generosity. “I believe the key to abundance is giving,” she told us, “so I feel like as long as I give, then things will always come back to me.” Amen.

b. is out August 11 on Fool’s Gold Records.