Normally, Santa Claus is decked out in an unflattering, matchy-matchy red-and-white suit that screams 1800s. The Santa of 2014 would nevuh. So Joint London reimagined St. Nick as a jolly man who spreads the joy of Christmas and also spends everythang on Alexander Wang.

Fun fact: Coca-Cola helped stamp the image of the present-day Claus, which evolved over the years, through their earlier campaigns. In the true spirit of Christmas and consumerism, Joint London rebranded the campaign for this era, instead outfitting Santa in all the cool-cool brands like Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Hood by Air and Raf Simons.

Fast Company reports:

...what if Santa was the creation of Coca-Cola? And what if they didn't launch their campaign to popularize his look in the '30s and '40s, but in the 2010s?

The good folks over at Joint London decided to reimagine Mr. Claus in just that way. Santa still looks like he was painted by Norman Rockwell or some other greatest generation artist, then gussied him up in a more modern look: from a Kenzo hat, to an ensemble by Alexander Wang, and more.


Picture Santa Claus shimmying down the chimney. He pops out, stops on a dime and quickly hits the Nae Nae. Some of Joint London's other Santa makeover looks:



Images via Fast Company/Joint London