Meat Week Is Totally a Thing (At Least on The Drew Barrymore Show It Is)

It was Meat Week on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, which is... definitely a theme. Barrymore’s Meat Week activities included eating meat off a stick, cooking pork chops, taste-testing ribs, confessing that she is intimidated by plantains (not a euphemism), admitting that she mostly eats vegetarian, and then finally on Friday’s episode, expanding Meat Weak’s m.o. to “celebrating Meat Week all week here on the show... and vegetarianism and veganism.” What started as Meat Week ended more like Meat Weak, am I right?


Some celebrity updates via TDBS guests: Drew’s News co-anchor Ross Matthews has launched a line of caftans and unveiled his Valentine’s Day design. It has large lips in the belly area. Lilly Singh enjoys macaroni and cheese. Andie MacDowell stopped dying her hair and is loving it. “I’m a silver fox, so that’s where I am right now,” she said. And where is Jameela Jamil right now? Why on The Drew Barrymore show explaining all of the good she is doing for society. “We’re working on three bills, I just spoke in Congress. I’m hoping to take it to the Supreme Court, in order to, you know, help around eating disorders in schools and weight discrimination in schools,” she explained. Well move over, Erin Brockovich! (Please no one tell Jamil that her idea of taking something to the Supreme Court has nothing to do with how the SCOTUS actually functions. I want footage of her showing up and banging on the door of the Supreme Court building demanding to be let in.)

Self-awareness flickered onscreen as Barrymore talked to fellow talk show host Singh about their unique profession. “Whatever problems I endure on this show, I feel like the ones that have to do with me, like people are like, ‘Turn down your volume a little bit,’ or like, ‘Do this,’ or, ‘Do that,’ or, ‘We want less of this, more of that.’ I feel like I can control that ‘cause it is within me,” she said. I had no noticed any attempts at volume control on Barrymore’s part. I can’t imagine the notes she gets, but here is one that I would send to affirm her: Never change, Drew.

Enjoy the montage.

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