Meagan Good: You'll Take This Cleavage and You'll Praise the Lord For It!

Have you heard that breasts are anti-Christian? Well, actress Meagan Good is all too familiar with some in the African American church community who don’t appreciate her sexy, cleavage-friendly religious walk all down these red carpets for “Anchorman 2."


For example, her extremely low cut Michael Costello gown at this summer's BET Awards attracted comments like this:

Here is the infamous blue BET Awards dress, as well as a cream sequined follow-up from last week's Anchorman 2 premiere.

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To be fair, Good's cleavage is bold. This was her response to critics earlier this year via JustTheFab:

Regardless of what anybody thinks, I have a personal relationship with God. We talk and we speak and I don't feel convicted about it and so I have to do what's in my heart and I can't allow people to manipulate my direction. [...] I'm getting sexy and all that, but there is a way to do it, there is a classy way to do everything and there is nothing wrong with being sexy or having sex appeal and I think that I am definitely going to be someone who is boldly going to go out to the masses and be someone who says, ' Look! Women, it's OK to do this, that, and the other,' because I don't like [how] sometimes people who are religious will try and force everyone into a box and judge them.


And in case you’re wondering ‘Who cares if Meagan Good is being sexy? She’s an actress!’ it is because of her one and a half year marriage to DeVon Franklin, a handsome Seventh Day Adventist preacher and Hollywood producer. Now Mrs. Good is betwixt and between the Hollywood ethos of ‘Keep it sexy!’, the church ethos of ‘Cover it up with a prayer cloth!’ and whatever comprises she and her stylist’s fashion sense. I can only imagine the struggle on those personal shopping trips. That is unless Good is telling us with her many cleavage-happy outfits that we all need to celebrate our respective hotness because, didn't God create all this sumptuous glory anyway?

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I don't know how to religion, but didn't god make her boobs?