Holy crap, guys: The new McQueen collection β€” shown in Paris today β€” is jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. Sarah Burton's designs stay true to fantastical visions dreamed up by Lee Alexander McQueen himself, and catapult us into an era of majesty and imperialism. Vogue's Jessica Bumpus calls the vibe "High Church meets Ballets Russes meets Virgin Queen" and writes:

It was staggeringly beautiful and everything was encrusted in pearls - white gloves that only covered the fingers, extensively pleated or festooned collars that turned essentially into caged crinolines for the face and elaborate costume gowns that it really wouldn't have been a surprise to look up and see one of Henry VIII's wives taking a turn in, such was the fashion fantasy so incredibly re-enacted.

Anglophiles, dreamers, ladies-in-waiting, pseudo-princesses and queen bees: This one's for you.



Imagine Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, in this?

Images via AP.

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