Maybe the Pope Just Hates Everyone?

Photos of the Pope looking hilariously pissed off while standing with Donald Trump, his wife and his daughter-wife seemed to indicate that he was miserable in the president’s company. But maybe that’s just how his face is?


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau met with Pope Francis on May 29, and he appears to be just as unhappy to greet the charming, handsome and dignified world leader as he was to meet Trump. According to the Independent, Trudeau used his meeting at the Vatican to urge the Catholic Church to issue a formal apology to the indigenous people of Canada for a century of forcible removal and Christian teaching in church-funded schools. Probably not the Pope’s favorite topic of discussion, but not unexpected. Pope Francis awarded Trudeau a “medallion symbolizing forgiveness, joy and mutual acceptance” at the end of their talk, reports the Catholic News Agency. He was ready.

That might mean it’s just his face. The Pope can’t help how he looks, and no one wants to be told to smile. Let the Pope frown.

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Mrs. Fingerbottom

If the Pope becomes this grumpy every time someone reminds him of all the people his institution abused, I feel like maybe he chose the wrong career?